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How to choose diesel generator

Generally speaking, the choice of emergency diesel generator should focus on emergency diesel generator is mainly used in important places, in case of emergency or accident interruption after momentary power failure emergency generator, through the rapid recovery of the basic principle of emergency diesel generator work has two characteristics: the first is for emergency, but must start effect is better. Continuous working time is not long, generally only need a few hours of continuous operation (12h); the second is for backup, emergency generator in a normal shutdown wait state, only when the main power supply for all drum power generating units to avoidance, starting operation and emergency supply of electricity load, when the main power supply back to normal after, immediately stop switch. Therefore, for these two characteristics, China power of reasonable selection of the emergency unit of targeted recommendations.

Firstly, the capacity of emergency diesel generator set. The calibration of the capacity of emergency diesel generator set for the atmospheric correction after the calibration of 12h capacity, the capacity should be able to meet the emergency power load calculation, and can satisfy the single largest capacity motor group starting a load request checked by the generator capacity. Three phase AC synchronous generator is usually used in emergency generator set, and its rated output voltage is 400V.

Secondly,emergency diesel generator units. When there are many diesel generator sets, only 1 units are set up as emergency units, and the reliability of the units can also be used in parallel with the 2 units. The power supply emergency units in general should not be more than 3 taiwan. When the selection of multiple units, the unit should try to use the same model, the same capacity, pressure regulation, speed characteristics similar to the complete sets of equipment, the fuel properties should be consistent in order to carry out maintenance and spare parts. When the supply of emergency generator 2, self starter should make 2 units to spare to each other, i.e. power failure after the delay confirmation, a self starting instruction, if the first units for 3 times since the start of failure, should send the alarm signal and automatically starting second diesel generators.

Lastly, the performance of emergency diesel generator sets. The emergency unit should choose the diesel generator set with high speed, high pressure, low oil consumption and the same capacity. The capacity of single machine high speed turbocharged diesel engine is large, small occupying space; selection of diesel engine with electronic control device, good control performance; the generator should be used with brushless excitation synchronous motor, more reliable, low failure rate, convenient maintenance and repair; the exhaust pipe outlet should be installed muffler, to reduce the noise influence on the surrounding environment.