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Walter 1200KW diesel generator sets arrive at Jingdong Logistics Park

On November 23, 2019, Our company’s two units 1200kw Yuchai generator sets  moved into Jingdong Logistics Park. As well known that , JD.com is a self-employed e-commerce company in China. The founder Liu Qiangdong serves as the chairman and CEO of JD.com. It has JD Mall, JD Finance, Paipa.com, JD Smart, O2O and overseas business branches. In 2013, JD.com got business license of virtual operator. In May 2014, it was officially listed on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange. In June 2016, it reached an in-depth strategic cooperation with Wal-Mart, and the No. 1 store was merged into JD.  In the all , it is our pleasure that we can have a successfully cooperation with JD.com this time . Hope next cooperation in the future .


This time Suqian Jingdong Logistics Park purchased 2 units Walter 1200KW gensets as for backup power , they choosed Guangxi Yuchai engines equipped with Marathon alternator . After placing the order, our production workshop stated to arrange production as soon as possible, and tested gensets situation before delivety. We promised customers that we would send goods to the site   within the prescribed time, and our negineers would be responsible for the completion of installation and commissioning at site . As clients requested , entire set of eqipment was equipped marathon alternators, Yuchai engines, automatic control cabinets, Walter intelligent cloud control systems, etc., to ensure that customers have no worry about power shortage !


The two units 1200KW Yuchai gensets purchased this time are equipped with grid-connected cabinets, in that way two gensets can run simultaneously or one independently. When two gensets are operated together, the total output power can reach 2400KW, and the power of a single unit running is 1200KW. There are many advantages of gensets equipped with parallel system :


1. Firstly , it can improve the reliability and continuity of the power supply system. Because multiple units are connected in parallel to form a power grid, the voltage and frequency of the power supply are stable and can withstand the impact of large load changes. It can reduce the probability of gensets failure and increase its operating life.

2. The maintenance of the generator set are more convenient. Multiple gensets are used in parallel, which can be centrally dispatched and distribute active load and reactive load, making maintenance and repair convenient and timely. For example, when two gensets are operated in parallel system , if one of the 1200KW units fails, the other unit will not be affected, but the total input power will be changed from 2400KW to 1200KW. So the diesel generator set still can supply power to electrical appliances , some electrical appliances on the user site can continue working , but if generator set didn’t be equipped with parallel system , just with one unit 2400kw gensets running , when one unit fails, there is no power to supply for the electrical appliances on site , so that factory can’t works as normal, which is a great loss for users.


3. Total costs of gensets is more economical. On the one hand, it ccan reduce the production cost . In generally ,a high-power genset like 2400KW, we recommend using multiple units gensets with parallel system. The cost of one unit 2400KW generator set is much more than the cost of two units 1200KW generator sets. On the other hand, the operating cost can be controlled. According to demand of load, an appropriate number of low-power gensets can be operated to reduce the fuel and oil waste caused by high-load units' small-load operation.

4.  Future expansion is more flexible. You only need to install the power generation and parallel equipment required for the current power. When the company needs to expand the power grid capacity in the future, it can increase the generator set, and it can easily realize the parallel connection of the expanded units, making the initial investment more economical.




After the production of the machine was completed, Walter sales manager together with , engineers and installers gone to Suqian Jingdong Logistics Park to install and debug for customers as soon as possible, which fully reflects our Walter's work efficiency and excellent service. The customers also gave us great praise at the scene and praised us that Walter is a good company coexisting with quality, service and passion, and looking forward to cooperating with us again!