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4 units 40kva Cummins silent type generators to Rwanda

Recently, 4 units new Walter series silent type 40kva Cummins generator sets were exported to Rwanda. Relying on our fsctory professional production technology, silent Cummins generator sets are stable performance , good quality , and technologically advanced. They have won the trust of Rwandan customers and set off a boom in the local market. Walter-Cummins series diesel generator set is one of the first-class generator sets based on client requirements, the engine is from the Sino-US joint venture Dongfeng Cummins & Chongqing Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. With its unique PT fuel system, light weight, power large, strong torque, low fuel consumption, easy maintence features, worldwide service outlets and good service, has been higly appreciated by worldwide users. Generator is optional Siemens, Marathon, Stamford, Engga, Walter and other famous brands, the entire unit adopts special steel chassis, greatly improves the stability and reliability of genset operation.


e south side of the equator in east-central Africa, a landlocked country. It borders Tanzania to the east, Burundi to the south, Congo (Kinshasa) to the west and Northwest, and Uganda to the north. The agricultural and pastoral population accounts for 92% of the country's population, with a land area of 26,338 square kilometers. The territory is mountainous and has the title of "country of a thousand hills".


The Rwandan customer purchased 4 sets of 40kva silent Cummins diesel generators for the backup power supply of the local medical company. The Walter series Cummins generator sets have a large distribution of power sections, adapt to the local special natural environment, are reliable and durable, have low emissions, and have strong adaptability. At the same time, they are particularly effective in reducing vibration and noise.



Walter generator sets are not only well-made for high-power generators, but also for low-power generators. They are also rigorous and meticulous. Each unit must undergo rigorous testing before being delivered to customers. When 4 units 40kva generators arrived Rwanda , customers were satisfied our goods , in the first all , they were surprised by the appearance of our generators.The  green silent box is small and cute, full of the breath of spring, symbolizing that the spring flowers are blooming, everything will get better and better, and I hope that the cooperation with Rwanda will be longer and longer.