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  • [2021-04-26]4 units 40kva Cummins silent type generators to Rwanda

    Recently, 4 units new Walter series silent type 40kva Cummins generator sets were exported to Rwanda. Relying on our fsctory professional production t

  • [2021-01-18]Marine Yuchai Diesel Generator

    Yuchai engine features : Diesel engine is produces by Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. Integral diesel engine using the crankcase rear gea

  • [2021-01-18]Marine Weicai Diesel Generator

    Wechai gensets’ features : Weichai marine series, engine is sected fromm Weifang Weichai Engine Co., Ltd . Weichai is a joint venture brand

  • [2021-01-18]Marine Cummins Diesel Generator

    Cummins gensets’ features : Applies to rivers, lakes, and coastal small and medium-sized fishing boats , tugs, passenger ships, cargo ships,

  • [2019-12-05]Walter 1200KW diesel generator sets arrive at Jingdong Logistics Park

    On November 23, 2019, Our company’s two units 1200kw Yuchai generator sets  moved into Jingdong Logistics Park. As well known that , JD.com is a

  • [2018-08-27]625KVA Volvo generator send to Karachi

    A few days ago, our company received a request from the foreign side to purchase an 625kva generator set. After detailed communication, the foreign si

  • [2018-06-14]1000KVA Yuchai generator to the Philippines

       This generator is selected by our company dealer in the Philippines. The engine selects Guangxi Yuchai, the alternator selects the Walter

  • [2018-06-11]Welcome Egyptian customers to our factory

    With the rapid development of the company and the continuous innovation of R&D technology, Yangzhou Walter Electrical Equipment Co.,ltd has also c

  • [2018-06-08]800KW Yuchai generators

    Destination:VietnamCustomer's recognition of Guangxi Yuchai generator set brand and trust in our Walter companyGuangxi Yuchai Machinery Group Co.,

  • [2018-06-08]300KW Shangchai generator set

    Destination:PakistanShangchai is an undisputed technology leader in China's generator industry. The technology center was first listed in the nati

  • [2018-06-08]150KW and 160KW Cummins diesel generator

    Destination:PhilippinesDongfeng Cummins 150KW and 160KW Cummins with Stamford alternator has been shipped to the Philippines, both generator sets are

  • [2017-01-12]How to choose diesel generator

    Generally speaking, the choice of emergency diesel generator should focus on emergency diesel generator is mainly used in important places, in case of

  • [2017-01-05]The maintenance points of small quiet type diesel generator

    The price of small diesel generating set is much lower than the large unit, but concerning the stability of the electricity, you should pay more atten

  • [2016-12-29]How to choose diesel generating sets

    Unit capacity and the Numbers should be based on the emergency load and input sequence and the largest single electric motor starting capacity determi

  • [2016-12-22]Volvo diesel generator set in the desert sand

    Desert power relatively backward, the help of the power supply often need to set diesel generators, when use in desert, there is a problem must pay mo

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