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40KVA-880KVA Yuchai engine diesel generator

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Walter - Yuchai series  the engine is from Guangxi Yuchai Engine Co.,ltd, which is special in Engineering Machinery, agricultural machinery, power generation and marine diesel engines, power range is 40-880 KW, also the engine model :YC4108,,YC4110, YC6105, YC6108, YC6112 series, The diesel engine has been passed emissions testing, all is in compliance with the new national standard GB17691-2001 Type Approval Stage A emission limits (meeting the needs of European standard I) and some models reach Europe II.

Standard configuration of yuchai generator set:

1.Yuchai engine

2.Walter alternator(china brand alternator for option)

3.DEEPSEA DSE3110 control panel

4.high quality base .

5.Anti-Vibration Mounted System

6.Battery and battery charger

7.Industrial silencer and flexible exhaust hose

8.Yuchai tools

Yuchai Set Generator Advantage: 

1. International Warranty Service

2. Strong power ,stable performance

3. Operation easy and safety  

4. YUCHAI GENRARTOR will be much easier to maintainance and repair, with more durable performance and longer service life, so the cost performance is higher.

5. Factory direct sales generator set , Ensure quality and cheap generator price, make more profit end customers

6. With ISO9001 \ CE \ SGS \ BV certification

7. Diesel generators Spare parts are easy to get from worldwide market with much cheaper price


Generator ModelGengerator Prime Power Gengerator Standby PowerYuchai EngineStamford AlternatorDetail Data
KVAKVAEngine ModelAlternator Model
W-Y4040KVA44KVAYC4D60-D21WDQ182Jlearn more technical data
W-Y5050KVA56KVAYC4D85Z-D20WDQ184Jlearn more technical data
W-Y7575KVA83KVAYC6B135Z-D20WDQ224Flearn more technical data
W-Y100100KVA111KVAYC6B155L-D21WDQ274Clearn more technical data
W-Y120120KVA133KVAYC6B180L-D20WDQ274Dlearn more technical data
W-Y150150KVA167KVAYC6A230L-D20WDQ274Elearn more technical data
W-Y180180KVA200KVAYC6L275L-D30WDQ274Glearn more technical data
W-Y200200KVA222KVAYC6M285L-D20WDQ274Hlearn more technical data
W-Y250250KVA278KVAYC6M350L-D20WDQ274Jlearn more technical data
W-Y300300KVA333KVAYC6MK420L-D20WDQ314Dlearn more technical data
W-Y300300KVA333KVAYC6MKL480L-D20WDQ314Dlearn more technical data
W-Y350350KVA389KVAYC6T550L-D21WDQ314ESlearn more technical data
W-Y400400KVA444KVAYC6T600L-D22WDQ314Flearn more technical data
W-Y450450KVA489KVAYC6T660L-D20WDQ314Flearn more technical data
W-Y500500KVA556KVAYC6T700L-D21WDQ354Clearn more technical data
W-Y500500KVA556KVAYC6TD780L-D20WDQ354Clearn more technical data
W-Y550550KVA611KVAYC6TD840L-D20WDQ354Dlearn more technical data
W-Y600600KVA667KVAYC6C1020L-D20WDQ354Elearn more technical data
W-Y650650KVA711KVAYC6C1020L-D20WDQ354Elearn more technical data
W-Y700700KVA778KVAYC6C1070L-D20WDQ354Flearn more technical data
W-Y750750KVA833KVAYC6C1220L-D20WDQ404Blearn more technical data
W-Y800800KVA889KVAYC6C1220L-D20WDQ404Clearn more technical data
W-Y880880KVA978KVAYC6C1320L-D20WDQ404Dlearn more technical data

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